Story of Lucky

Lucky (name changed) was found at a Bus Terminal by the police, abandoned and alone! As protocol dictates, 5 year old Lucky was taken to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), which gave the order for him to be sent to a Childrens’ Home. Finding himself in a new strange environment, Lucky started to act out. He refused to follow instructions, would hit other children and was reported to be touching other children inappropriately.

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" Adults failed to notice the pain hidden behind Lucky's Anger."

About I AM Wellbeing

I Am Wellbeing is an organisation dedicated to nurturing positive mental well-being of children in need of care and protection. It believes every child deserves access to the protective factors to help them develop into a well-adjusted individual of the society. I Am Wellbeing addresses the need to nurture the hearts of children at risk through training caregivers and mental health professionals, providing trauma focused intervention and conducting research on behalf of the needs of children at risk.

In the process of creating a vast network of skilled and efficient mental health professionals to widen its impact, I Am Wellbeing has honed a multi-disciplinary and dynamic team, comprising of counsellors, clinical psychologists, trainers, and professionals from allied sciences.

The systems and modules used in I Am Wellbeing are powered by a synthesis of expert knowledge and international best practices backed by their research team. The research wing is also dedicated to creating a body of data and research specific to children at risk in India as there is a dire lack of focus in this area.

Our Causes

Generating Awareness

I Am Wellbeing is rigorously working toward spreading awareness about the impact of trauma on behaviour. mental, and physical well-being of children. The content is based on the internationally recognised concept of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and the effective protective strategies to mitigate the impact of traumatic events.

Trainings & Workshops

We conduct regular trainings for caregivers, Mental Health professionals, Teachers, Parents, Decision Makers etc.


We place a trained mental health professional in the Child Care Institutes (CCI). The role of this professional is to provide Individual and group therapy for all children. We consider the role of a caregiver of utmost importance in the well-being of the child, hence great emphasis is laid on the self-care and mental well-being of all caregivers...


Create a compassionate and trauma sensitive ecosystem that ensures healthy psycho-social development of children


Training, support, and research to all involved in the care and protection of children in order to become aware and equipped with knowledge and skills that ensure positive psycho-social development.


Well adjusted and positively contributing citizens of the society.


Children Impacted


Care-givers Trained


Workshops Conducted

Recent News

News & Events
Skills Development Workshop for Care-givers, DCPU-IX

Trainers from I Am Wellbeing conducted an experiential workshop on ‘Managing Challenging Behaviours’ for the staff and care givers of CCIs under the jurisdiction of DCPU-IX south west and Najafgarh district. The 3-hour training focussed on the relevance of connection and communication with children under care and how to build a positive relationship with those who may present behavioral challenges at the home

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News & Events
Workshop on 'Self-care for Care-givers', Udayan Care.

The first step of caring for someone is caring for 'self'. A rare and beautiful experience created by I Am Wellbeing for the caregivers of the Udayan Ghar program. While taking care of little lives, these care givers have somewhere forgotten about themselves and it was a much needed experience for all to connect within and express themselves through stories, metaphors and their journey as carers, givers, humans!

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News & Events
Working with Children at Risk, I Am Wellbeing.

As a part of I Am Wellbeing’s continuous learning and professional development program for its employees, an in house 3-day intensive training was conducted for its team of counsellors on working with children at risk, emphasizing on: Childhood trauma, Risk and protective factors, Counselling in a child care institution.

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