Grief Support Booklet

Grief Booklet (I Am Wellbeing)

I Am Wellbeing is an organization dedicated to Trauma Healing and Prevention. The pandemic has struck us with a gigantic wave of Grief and Loss no one was prepared to deal with. A basic understanding of grief support is the need of the hour now. The overwhelming nature of grief also touches caregivers, family, and friends of the one grieving. In such times providing conscious and appropriate support to the grieving dear one becomes a big challenge, and fear of saying or doing something wrong can be debilitating.

At I Am Wellbeing, we firmly believe in the healing virtue of connectedness and therefore work towards the goal of creating Trauma-Aware Ecosystems where vulnerability can be understood, contained and cared for.

We’ve created this Grief Support Booklet to facilitate connections in difficult times of Grief and Loss, through which we hope that shared spaces for containment of grief may be created. The booklet is designed to help the readers understand the volatile nature of grief and appropriate ways of supporting a dear one.