What We Do

Our Approach

Keeping mental wellbeing of children at the heart of the program, we seek to shape an ecosystem that provides trauma informed care by creating a shift in the network that operates for the wellbeing of children at risk. There are various modalities and techniques that we adopt in order to facilitate prevention and intervention models.

What we Do


I Am Wellbeing is rigorously working toward spreading awareness about the impact of trauma on behaviour. mental, and physical well-being of children.

The content is based on the internationally recognised concept of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and the effective protective strategies to mitigate the impact of traumatic events.

Training and Workshops

We conduct regular trainings for caregivers, Mental Health professionals, Teachers, Decision Makers etc.

Some of our trainings:

Healing Minds : Care Givers Self Care Workshop.

Rubaroo: Capacity Building Program for Youth living in shelter homes.

Mindful Parenting : Mindful and Development informed approach to Parenting.

Working With Children at Risk: Training for Mental Health Professionals.

My Body Is Mine: Good touch Bad Touch Workshops for Children.


We place a trained mental health professional in the Child Care Institutes (CCI). The role of this professional is to provide Individual and group therapy for all children.

We consider the role of a caregiver of utmost importance in the well-being of the child, hence great emphasis is laid on the self-care and mental well-being of all caregivers in the institution.

The team at I Am Wellbeing is supported through regular on-going supervision and in-service training.

The Impact

Well adjusted and positively
contributing citizens of the society.