Why We Exist

Why We Exist

Story of Lucky

Lucky (name changed) was found at a Bus Terminal by the police, abandoned and alone! As protocol dictates, 5 year old Lucky was taken to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), which gave the order for him to be sent to a Childrens’ Home. Finding himself in a new strange environment, Lucky started to act out. He refused to follow instructions, would hit other children and was reported to be touching other children inappropriately.

The care givers at the home, desperate to curb this behaviour began scolding him, reprimanding him, but to no avail. He would cry, sob, hit and eventually stopped talking to all the adults in the home.

A few days passed when a woman, claiming to be his mother, arrived at the home and asked to take him back. Upon seeing her face Lucky started to cry and trembled with fear. CWC, vigilant of this reaction, did not let the child go with her.

Everyone at the Childrens’Home was getting restless as they could not understand what to do about his behaviour. Meanwhile a paternity test was ordered to check if the woman and her partner were his biological parents, but it seemed to be taking time. A question was raised on his actual age but there was no way to accurately determine it.

In order to address his behaviorial concerns, Lucky was sent to a Government Mental Hospital for assessment, who labelled him as having Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD). With this label he was admitted in the hospital, yet again with new faces expecting him to follow orders. Most adults were expecting Lucky to behave as young children are expected to behave; Greet, play and follow all that adults say. We could not see the pain behind the angry face, kept enforcing our rules and kept saying you’ll be left if you keep behaving this way.

Scared, lost Lucky refused to follow, cried, sobbed and stopped talking to anyone. The result was yet again abandonment and this time with no one around, locked in a room, all alone.

" Adults failed to notice the pain hidden behind Lucky's Anger."